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Buy 3 more decorations.
Keep selling cakes, wool, and extra eggs until you have about 40 cakes made.Upgrade the truck twice and sell the sheep.Cage and warehouse the bear.When you have enough money, upgrade the factories and buy another goose.This is sometimes crucial and can save you a second or two that you need to make gold.5 star boulevard Goal: 30 milks Time Limits: Gold 6:30, Silver roulette gratis flash xtreme 2 0 7:30 Stars for completion 100, Silver 150, Gold 300.When you have extra money, buy the Egg Powder Plant, the Cookie Bakery, and the Cake Bakery.My own rule of thumb is to send the products in descending order by how much they are worth.
Buy 4-6 honeys as needed.
Upgrade the truck, warehouse, and helicopter once.
For giocare alla slot gratis www giochi each level that needs animals purchased right away, Ive found it easiest to buy the animals first, tutte le slot machine keychain and then water the grass.
As soon as you have enough wool to finish the costumes, sell the sheep.
Make the second mega cake and sell.
As soon as the Cookie Bakery is finished, buy the Loom and start.Buy the Cake Bakery and upgrade it once.As soon as the oil bear produces the next oil, sell the oil bear and the gold bar.6 airfield lane Goal: 2 cheese, 5 costumes, 5 cows, and 5 wool.Keep making cloths and selling them.