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7.2 Review 1 Play 327.
The reels, paytable and other bonus displays occupy the slot machine flash wms majority of the game screen, together with the game logo featuring a few club goes who happen to be horses.
You have a repeat chance of this win through the flashing Yes.
Add Again; Adds the numbers on the reels again with a repeat chance.Nudges let you gently shake a reel to move it forward just a little and perhaps land a winning combination in the process.Wagering in The Gee Gees slot game is pretty basic with one coin betting ranging from.10 credits per spin on up.00 credits per spin.Selector: Offers different trail positions until the player selects one.Review 0, play.
When the numbers add up on the trail and stops on position 4, a bonus round will take you into the Bonus Feature.
The object; is for you to select the highest prize, while in motion in the text window, as quickly as possible.
The prizes are moved around randomly and quickly.
The game will in several occasion award two different sorts of mini bonuses to the luckiest of players.
The higher you go on the trail, the higher the rewards you can get on the reels can become.
There are all kinds of action happening with this slots game, but be careful, it is easy to get addicted.
See selection of online casinos where you can play Gee Gees.You are shown a series of wins, one after another.The bonus is 700 quid (euros or dollars).Some Simple Ground Rules, the Gee Gees may look a little messy at first sight, but getting started on the reels is actually less complicated than it may seem.Get Started with a Few Cash Prizes.The 10 features that are found in the Feature Stack are shown below in order.Le Freak: A reel-based feature where the view is returned to the reel view.It's a cross between horseracing and Saturday Night Fever (ie the Bee Gees).You are awarded all the wins shown during this feature.Hot Stuff: This feature is a win-series played out on the reels and runs automatically through a number of wins.That being said, the rewards for these combinations cannot go higher than 10 times the value of your initial wager.