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There's a lot of action mixed with great story which i am sure will please the true Bond fan.
Sharp, sophisticated and as tough as nails.
This is among the best bond movies!From Judi Dench's harassed M, to the super cool Le Chiffre.007 has unfortunately dwindled more than it has bedazzled over the last decades but I am relieved to see that Martin Campbell has put the edge back into the Bond series.James Bond will live on for at least one more generation, and maybe forever.In this context, Daniel Craig gives an excellent performance as Bond.Yes, the whole franchise is based on an entirely ridiculous and cartoonish notion but the more serious and harder-edged tone works really well here.IMDb, director: Martin Campbell, writers: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade.I make no apologies for believing that Timothy Dalton is the closest thing we've seen to IAN fleming's James Bond.Also, the story is just much more engaging than many a Bond film; the script's not going to win awards but it's consistently inventive and intriguing.Style and sophistication are in abundance.
For a while it seemed that he might not be able to well exist outside the confines of the cold war, but here we are given an entirely modern Bond with enough nods to the original that we can't be too upset.
A masterpiece of popular film-making regolamento slot machine killer and the movie we have been waiting for all year.
At last we have another true Bond.
See it early and often as it is sure not to diminish upon reviewing.From the stone-cold government killer, to the heart broken lover.There is only one movie franchise that has twisted, turned and reinvented itself on so many occasions.Any questions about Daniel Craig's worthiness are thrown out almost immediately as we are handed a film filled to the brim with exquisite action and explosive emotion.I'd say forget it and be enthralled by the new bond!The boss of MI6, known simply as M sends Bond, along with Vesper Lynd to attend this game and prevent Le Chiffre from winning.